Kamchatka Flyfishing Lodges & Float Trips

Russia's eastern peninsula is the apex of modern fly fishing; an adventure of the purest kind,
across vast wilderness and rivers that teem with trout.

The landmass of Kamchatka stabs south from mainland Siberia, slicing into the Bering Sea just west of Alaska. It's jagged coastlines are lapped by fish-rich waters, its snow-capped horizons are dotted by strato-volcanoes, and its valleys are carved deep by over 12,000 pristine spring creeks and rivers. Virtually none of the peninsula has been impacted by man. It's a trout, salmon and char Utopia. This coast-to-coast, trackless wilderness is inaccessible to all modes of transportation except horse, jet-boat and iconic orange and blue MI-8 helicopters.

Alaska angling veterans will find a level of familiarity in Kamchatka's rivers, landscapes and climate. Most of the same plants and animals inhabit the two regions, the wweather is similar; and all life on the peninsula depends on annual runs of salmon for essential energy.

In 2012, anglers will be able to choose from one or two-week expeditions on rivers that have seldom - and in some cases never - been fished, including the picture-perfect Sedanka Spring Creek, the incomparable Zhupanova "Big Fish" river, thrilling steelhead rivers of the Okhotsk Coast, and our one-of-a-kind explorations on northern frontier streams.

All of these trips are rustic and wild and not for everyone. They require a reasonable degree of physical fitness and mental stamina. The payoff is the simple guarantee that they'll set hearts pounding with trout fishing like you've never seen, in a setting that few people have ever seen.

This isn't time travel, this is Kamchatka. It's shocking to consider in this day and age that the finest trout stream may yet be flowing undiscovered, and that the wild, native trout that swim in it will live and die without ever having seen a lure or fly.

We've traveled the world in search of this style of flyfishing adventure and will boldly state that Kamchatka is the best of the best trout fishing on Earth. In Kamchatka, The Fly Shop® has been on the leading edge of frontier exploration since the doors to the Far East opened just 17 short years ago. Our staff has more experience there than all other outfitters and agents combined and today we're more passionate about Kamchatka than ever. We know everything there is to know about planning an adventure on the edge, and we love to talk about Kamchatka just about as much as we love fishing there. Please give us a call (800-669-3474) and we'll get you hooked up!

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Kamchatka Steelhead Project
Savan River Base Camp
Savan River Floats
Sedanka Spring Creek
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Zendzur Lodge
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